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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Humanity Required

First Bangalore ... then Ahmadabad ... the biggest question is why?

Even though this may point to the sad state of affairs, but its no surprise that there are many possible answers - A retaliation to the trust vote a few days ago by the opposition or its allies (as if it didn't bring enough shame to our country already - this week's BusinessWeek US edition has details of the parliament showdown!), a plot by the ruling party or its allies as a run-up to the coming general election, a terrorist outfit trying train new recruits on how to scare people out of their daily life, a psycho on the loose (although I think that anybody who has done this is a psycho) ...

If we look closely at the choice of cities, then we realize that the bomb blasts have happened in high-growth cities and not in high GDP cities in absolute terms like Mumbai and Delhi. The people responsible for the blasts seem to have more knowledge of economics than we would like to believe. According to a study published in Jan 2008 by an economics research firm Indicus Analytics, Bangalore's GDP growth rate over the past seven years has been 10.3% per year (2nd highest in India) and Ahmedabad's has been 10.1% per year (3rd highest in India). This shows that the focus of such terror may be spreading from bigger cities to smaller metros with high growth potential. Clearly, this is an attempt to stall the growth that is being achieved in these cities and in effect the entire country.

The other cities in the high growth list apart from the four big metros are - Hyderabad (7.8%) and Pune (7.4%). I am happy that nothing has happened in these cities and hope that no more blasts take place in any city in India.

I wish that every Indian gains more knowledge of humanity than economics in the years to come.

Edited to Add: According to newspaper reports, cars full of explosives were found in Surat, which is the city with the highest growth rate in India (11.5%) according to research mentioned above. I am glad that no more explosions have taken place and hope that the calm continues ...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPA wins ... but did India too?

So, the UPA government scraped through ... but not before high drama in the parliament with certain MPs flashing money supposed to be given to them by UPA allies as bribes on live television being watched eagerly around the world. (At least Doordarshan got some TRPs back)

The point still remains that the house remains very divided, which is sure to hamper the functioning of the government. I hope the next general election (in less than a year's time) provides a clearer mandate by the people of the world's largest democracy.

In the meantime, the following statement by Rahul Gandhi in his address to the parliament shows the flicker of hope for a growing India ...

MPs should think how India can impact upon the world rather than thinking about how the world impacts India

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why I want the UPA to win the confidence vote

The inevitable finally happened ... and it is time for agni pareeksha for the Indian government in a few days ... but I am glad that it took four years ...

It’s not that I have been awed by work done by the UPA government in these four years, or that I am a follower of the Nehru-Gandhi family ... but that I really want to save the country from another unnecessary elections.

With inflation rates in India hovering around 11-12% and the world economy playing hide and seek with recession, the last thing India needs at this time is mammoth expenditure in conducting elections and running campaigns. Add to that, a complete halt to all parliamentary and cabinet functions that would impact among others the approval of various development projects, foreign investment and matters of bilateral trade with other countries. Not to mention the further loss of India’s image as an emerging economic power.

Sometimes losses are more important than the gains!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Jaane Tu ... Ya Jaane Na

A simple story ... predictable ... and oft repeated ... still wonderfully refreshing ... with new and energetic faces ... bringing a lovely presentation ... smooth screenplay ... apt dialogues with the right tones. Dunno if it’s the Aamir Khan effect, but this was a treat to watch ... and a perfect one to cheer any body up at the depressing end of a fun-filled long weekend. I don’t have more words ... as they say ... seeing is believing ...