Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rock On ... ROCKS

Besides Aamir Khan, one name that I feel is gradually becoming synonymous with quality cinema in India is Farhan Akhtar. After two successful directorial ventures, he comes up with a fine performance as an actor (and dialogue writer). He sung the songs too, but that has nothing to do with the story or the quality of the movie. Music is used as a medium to present a captivating storyline that leaves you thinking with a smile…

Even though I am not a follower of hard rock, I ended up at the theater on the first day of this movie’s release because of Farhan Akhtar (and Arjun Rampal). I must admit that I did think that the movie would be about rock music when I entered the auditorium.

Rock On is not about music but about human transformation, change and more importantly about finding the truth about oneself. The protagonists in the movie do not become rock stars, but stars in their own right, who are happy and content. The movie goes beyond understanding oneself, and looks at relationships at various levels, most importantly between two persons as individuals (and not relatives and/or friends). The main theme of the movie is that we cannot live by suppressing our passions… only survive. We all go through transformations in our life and more often than not tuck away our passions while going through the daily grind. This movie shows that passions can be realized at any stage of our life and in whatever situation we are in… and that alone can lead to true happiness.

I liked the performances of all the lead actors as everybody did their part with sincerity. I was reminded of Dil Chahta Hai while watching this movie, for its subtle approach to the story and the execution of the screenplay. The music is like any rock album and in my opinion nothing extraordinary. Some of the lyrics are interesting and written in typical English rock style. For an interesting music review click here.


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