Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whose Loss is it? - Part 2

I had sincerely hoped that there would be no Part 2 to my post Whose Loss is it? But, it seems that I was asking too much and it’s evident that there may be many more parts to this post in the future …

Assocham estimates that India had lost about Rs 1,500 crore in the past couple of weeks because of the agitation in Jammu (and consequently violence in Kashmir) in a protest against the revocation of land allotted to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB). The sad part is that this figure is increasing by each passing day as the agitation continues.

The situation for the State of Jammu and Kashmir is even worse as Rs. 5,000 crore worth of investment anticipated for next year in J&K may venture into other states because of this continuing agitation and economic blockade. This could lead to a loss of employment opportunities for 25 lakh people over the next 5 years in the State.

It is ironical that even though good rainfall coupled with moderate temperatures this year yielded a bumper fruit crop in Kashmir, they may not be able to reap any benefit as the fruits cannot reach the markets because of the agitation.


Blogger Vidooshak said...

Furthermore, this time the situation is so blatantly "created" by the politicians. The reasons for the flare up are almost childish; there was no way it could run so far without desperate and deliberate fanning by demons in Parliament. Even more childish is how they will blame ISI for this, and Indian people will BELIEVE that bull. They will vote these same killers back into power and feel perversely vindicated.

8:36 AM EDT  
Blogger Manasi said...

bhuwan - you may have accidently infact stepped onto the real reason for this agitation. being a conspiracy theorist myself, i am pretty sure that the reason behind the choke up is because parties interested in keeping kashmiris "poor and vulnerable" dont want the profits to come back into the valley.

think about it... if you were a power monger in J&K and had vested interests in its people continuing to listen to you and keep you in power then, being an astute politician, you would do everything in your power to keep its people poor and hungry. because when stomachs are full, the same people will stop listening to your horse shit and go straight to anil/mukesh ambani who will sell them rosy dreams of economic prosperity well within their reach. thats another reason why the fight in Kashmir continues under the plaque of terrorism-hatao rather than gareebi-hatao.

now you would think i am crazy! ever wondered why Bihar and Orissa continue to remain the poorest and backward states in India despite being blessed with the highest quality and quantity of mineral reserves in india?

you answer to this question is the answer to mine! thanks for the nice post...

10:32 AM EDT  
Blogger Bhuwan said...

It is true that the entire situation is created by politicians who couldn't care less about the progress of either the State of J&K or the Country. They are following the most traditional (and effective) way of ruling over people by keeping them poor and hungry, but still the people of India are not able to understand their game plan. People are, in fact, walking into their trap without even blinking an eye.

Now that we understand the scenario, the next step is to find a solution. It wouldn't help to repeat ourselves by stating the problem in different words.

The first step towards the solution is to educate the people of India of the real motives behind such agitations and their economic impacts for every individual. (I don't like the phrase "common man", as I feel that everybody is "special" in their own way). The focus of discussions among the youth has to shift from politics to economics, education, business and sports. Media can play a big role in making the first move in this direction, but alas, they are the ones who have taken a U-turn and given importance to politicians and their inflammatory (and irrelevant) words.

Our country has immense talent that is trying to find "innovative solutions to the problems faced by their companies" such that they become "assets for their company" and get a higher pay package. only a fraction of this talent is needed to be channelized towards finding "innovative solutions to the problems faced by our nation" such that every citizen gets a happier life package.

3:12 PM EDT  

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