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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Drunk Cops for Our Safety!

From The Times of India: Chhattisgarh cops massacred by Maoists in the state’s Bijapur district during the night of March 14 did not stand much of a chance. Apart from a measly six sentries on duty, the cops were in a deep alcohol-induced sleep when terror struck. The Maoist attack, which claimed the lives of 55 cops, was carried out with surgical precision. But what perhaps made the task of the rebels easier, a home ministry report accessed by TOI has revealed, is that Chhattisgarh Armed Police (CAP) and SPOs in the camp were in the habit of drinking heavily.

"The (police) post members were in the habit of drinking liquor every day and, on that day too, all of them consumed liquor and were fast asleep except for six sentries,’’ the report states. The sentries, despite being awake, were careless and did not notice the Maoists till the rebels opened fire, the report adds.

The sleeping cops were at a distance from where the sentries were posted and could not come to the aid of their colleagues quickly enough. To top it all, the sentries who were manning an LMG had only one magazine at their disposal. The boundary wall was just four feet tall, presenting no hindrance to the Maoists who swarmed into the camp.


Need I say more?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Customer Satisfaction!!

BusinessWeek came up with their first top 25 ranking of the companies that care for their customers. The top 25 list includes, among others, premium car makers, hotel and resort chains, insurance companies and banking services. I think it is relatively easy to have high customer service standards for only a select group of people with a small set of issues. And did I say high-paying customers?!?

Keeping this in mind, two names stand out in this list of 25: Southwest Airlines and T-Mobile.

These companies deal with a wide spectrum of the society where the majority clientèle demands high level of service without willing to pay a dime more than any other competitive business. Moreover, customer service is not on the top of the list in their businesses as it is for insurance companies and banks.

They have to first provide good service (air travel or cellphone) at low costs before investing into customer service.

It is also noteworthy that there is no other airline or cellphone service provider in the top 25 list!