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Monday, August 06, 2007

Taj Mahal ... err ... Tejo Mahalaya?

History is witness to the fact that many governments, kingdoms and organizations have concealed the truth from the world because of their own insecurities. Some such 'truths' are also formed by later legends that may not have started at the behest of the creator. I have marveled at our very own wonder of the world, the taj mahal, from my childhood and as with everybody never cared to go beyond the legends that are 'accepted' by the society.

A few years ago I came across the works of Prof. PN Oak, who is the only person in history to challenge the Shahjahan-Mumtaz story, which is popular regarding the origin of taj mahal. He presents startling facts that do raise questions in our mind for the Shahjahan-Mumtaz story. He claims that the building existed much before Shahjahan's time and was actually a Shiva temple that was converted to a mausoleum and he has presented more than hundred evidences to substantiate this claim.

There are many mysterious details starting from nomenclature to archeology and architecture. One such example is the presence of 7 storeys in the building and the 22 rooms at the back of the taj mahal (as shown in the picture). Such elaborate space is not required in any tomb. What makes me believe in these evidences is the refusal of the Indian Government to open these rooms that have been sealed since Shahjahan's time or allow any investigation.

Even though I would like to know the truth, I do support the Indian government in its decision because truth may (and almost surely would) lead to religious conflicts in the country. It is unfortunate that there are innumerable persons in our country who cannot see any situation without religious and political connotations. This has made education and truth take a back seat in our country. It is ironical that the father of our nation said "Truth is the true religion"