Bhuwan's Ramblings

Monday, September 10, 2007

Journey thru time

The small lines on the ground were getting bigger and broader by each passing moment. In a few minutes they started taking shape and my eyes tried to search the third dimension without a single blink. I could see a maroon car speeding through the drive flanked by big buildings of this bustling metropolis on one side and the mighty lake that could give many seas a run for their money on the other. The smiles, the laughter and the words blended perfectly with the soft music. The world was there, in the car, and everything else was irrelevant. Slowly, there were only the calm waters of the lake with waves dancing like a fairy resonating with the sweet tones that filled the air.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw another car, stopped, on the side of the road. She stood near the car observing the tools clanking with the tire bolts unaware of the breeze pushing her hair. The hair shined, displaying an aura of superiority over the night that seemed to wither away in competition. The lights behind her made the skin glow as she moved her lips with the cell phone on her ears. The blue and red glow from the restaurant behind her was the perfect compliment to her white top whose sleeves changed shades with every gust. I was engrossed in the rhythm of the wind and the lights when I felt a sudden push. “Your seat, sir, needs to be upright”. I adjusted myself with a dazed look and then turned my head again to the window.

The night had reached its depth and I saw a solitary car, parked, behind an old building. Almost instantly, I heard a movement on the 11th floor. The elevator opened and the two persons who were engrossed in conversation till a few minutes back, entered hastily and the guy pressed the button labeled “1” many times. “I really hope that the police did not pass by the car in the last half hour”. “Don’t worry; they are not the super-active ones after midnight.” The hearts of the inmates sank as the display in the elevator went from 11 to 2 and then there was a jolt as if something has touched the ground.

A few minutes later as I walked out of the tubular path and entered the hall, the display in the front read, “Welcome to Chicago”.