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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Internet in the Skies

About a couple of years back I had reflected on the changing face of airports in the world and how the availability of Internet connectivity has transformed the definition of an airport. The same transformation is now happening in the skies as the airlines have taken Internet connectivity to 36,000 feet over the last few years.

Although some airlines (mainly Scandinavian) have been offering this service (albeit at a premium) for a while, today was the auspicious day when I lost my mile-high-internet virginity. Even though the speed is slower than on the ground, it opens up a window of opportunity for travelers on long flights, such as the transcontinental flight that I am on now or long international flights. One of the biggest advantages of this is that travel can now be undertaken even if you need to be in touch with your colleagues for important communications. Earlier, long flights could not be taken in such a scenario. The added advantage is that the clock ticks a little faster on the airplane...