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Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Traffic Ticket in Delhi

I knew that this would happen at some point, but so soon, that was a surprise. In fact, I found it amusing that I was pulled over for speeding (73 kmph on a 50 kmph zone) when for about 90% of my trip time I was negotiating traffic jams at close to 20 kmph. The Delhi traffic police decided to use their speed radars on the only 1 km stretch along my 15 km route where the accelerator could actually be pressed while in fourth gear. Smart guys huh! They surely know where to make up their numbers for the day!

Even though I had to sacrifice a couple of meals at my favorite Nirulas to pay for the ticket, the experience was not all negative. I was pleasantly surprised to hear polite words from the traffic policeman who pulled us over. On my reluctance to believe that I was indeed at 73 kmph, he offered to show me the radar reading without any hesitation, irritation or arrogance. And the best of all, I didn't offer a bribe and he didn't indicate towards one either.

I just hope that Delhi Government puts my money to good use!